The Games Approach

The Way Forward for Player Development

Empowering Games

Our games allow players to solve problems through trial and error, by subtly guiding them to discover effective solutions for themselves.

Maximising Focus

Why do players yearn for the match at the session's end? Often the rest of the session is less engaging through over-repetition. Our games focus on a particular aspect of play and allow a more varied form of repetition to engage players with a more interesting incentive. When players are more engaged, their focus increases.

Happy Players Play Harder

Rather than send players on laps, improve their fitness using games. Our small-sided games encourage high intensity play to simulate matchplay, developing speed-recovery fitness.

Personalised Solutions

Traditional coaching methods restrict players to the skills and tactics of past generations. Instead by using games they can discover different solutions for themselves and the appropriate times to use them.

Suitable for all Levels

Each game has a complexity level from 1-4 so coaches can select an appropriate game. However, many simpler Level 1 games are suitable for elite level players as the players' level creates the challenge. Every game includes adaptations to personalise to each player's level.

Intelligent Matchplay

Common matchplay conditions such as 2-touch often restrict play. Instead, this book's matchplay situations combine realism with focused conditions. They also allow a high intensity of matchplay.

Engaging Goalkeeping

22 goalkeeping games are included. They combine technical repetition with creating realistic and dynamic match situations to offer fun and engaging goalkeeping scenarios.