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The Games Approach

Discover how the Games Approach progresses players like no other method.

New Pdf Version Now Available

Have full access to the pdf version where you can cut and paste games into your sessions at will. 

What Makes a Session Engaging?

Identify what factors make a session engaging and learn how this can transform your sessions.

Drills vs Games

Consider a direct comparison of the value of common drills with equivalent games.

Access Free Games

Access and download extra free games from the brand new 'Engaging Soccer Coaching Games' book.

Comparing Formats

View a comparison of the different session formats to see how games combine the best of all formats.

Novice Session Plans

See how games can be used to create an engaging and developmental training plan for Novice level players in a exemplar curriculum.

Advanced + Elite Session Plans

See how games can be used to create an engaging and developmental training plan for Advanced and Elite level players.

Maximise Games

How we maximise our games to make them as effective as possible and how you can maximise them to improve your sessions.

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Buy a brand new book sent direct to your door or get instant access through an e-book.

Academic Review

See how Academic Research explains how the Games Approach supports and offers some advice.

The New Book is Available Now

Engaging Soccer Coaching Games is a Brand New Book that has produced over 250 new and innovative soccer coaching games. Each of these games are designed to help players learn through exploration, whilst subtly guiding them to discover effective solutions. Click on a link below to order a copy:

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